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Teaching and study materials

Research seminar: Handouts - Introduction_Tea Golob

 Research seminar: Handouts - Communities_Tea Golob

Research seminar: Handouts-EU transnational civil society_ Mateja Rek

Research seminar: Handouts-Europe, communities, identities

Research seminar: Handouts - Action research_Tea Golob

Research seminar: Students' assignements_Tea Golob

Research seminar: Handouts-Slovenian constitution and EU_Marko Novak

Research seminar: Handouts-seminar_sustainable behaviour_ Janja Mikulan Kildi

EU Strategy for Sustainable Development

Sustainable development in the EU - SDG's goals

Performance of work integration social enterprises_article

Research seminar: Handouts-seminar_sresearch diary_ Janja Mikulan Kildi

Research seminar: Handouts-seminar_plan_ Janja Mikulan Kildi

WISE's in East and Central Europe_article

Compulsory readings:

Additional readings:

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