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Associate Prof. Tea Golob, PhD is the Module leader. She has been extensively working as a researcher in the issues referring to the EU (her PhD topic and her scientific articles on EU dimensions), and the module will enable her to transfer research knowledge into teaching experiences and encourage her to continue with research efforts. Sustain4EU will enable her to upgrade the curriculum of two courses, and improve her expertise in teaching approaches by deploying innovative learning methods, such as student-centred learning, open education techniques such as virtual academic community, and combination of teaching activities with students’ action research techniques encouraging civic skills and enforcing cooperation with relevant stakeholders.


The Module will be implemented also by Assistant Prof. Janja Mikulan Kildi, Prof. Mateja Rek, Prof. Borut Rončević, Prof. Marko Novak.The Module will enable all the team to enrich experiences on the EU-related issues. They will also benefit from this action through being involved in the upgrading of the curriculum, and in the process of the development of innovative learning methods.

Associate Prof. Tea Golob, PhD The Modul leader

Assistant Prof. Janja Mikulan Kildi, PhD The teaching assistant

Prof. Mateja Rek, PhD Senior staff

Prof. Marko Novak, PhD Senior staff

Prof. Borut Rončević, PhD Senior staff

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